Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

 We play casino games to be entertained and win a little something along the way, but they don’t all get treated, or treat you, the same. There is a major difference in the probable payout percentage of one game to the next, and this, in turn, determines what the house edge is, the statistical advantage that the casino has over you in any given title.

You can reduce this by using the most effective strategy, of course, but the safest bet is to play the games featuring the lowest possible house edge, and if you’re smart, to use any bonus money you have while doing so.

Caribbean Stud Poker, 5%

Caribbean Stud Poker is like Stud, but without the bluffing, so you don’t need to rehearse your Poker face in front of the mirror anymore, trying to spot your tells! While you may be playing the same hand alongside other players, you’ll only need to beat the dealer.

Place the Ante bet, look at the dealer’s face up card to decide if it’s worth looking at what you’ve been dealt, and if you decide it is, wager once more. Caribbean Stud Poker has a great extra feature too, the jackpot bet, which will see you winning big if you hit a royal flush.

Slots, 2% to 10%

Despite online pokie payouts not being as big as those at certain table games, they remain the undisputed first choice when it comes to online casino games. The competition to produce the best-ever slot means software providers are always trying to outdo each other by adding innovative new features, too, so you’ll be able to take advantage of Free Spins, interactive bonus rounds, and some huge jackpots.

A great way to reduce the house advantage of this group of games is to look out for these kinds of features since they often make the difference between a winning gameplay session and a losing one. There’s plenty to choose from, too, and you could literally spend days never playing the same title twice!

Single Zero Roulette, from 2.5%

Roulette, so evocative of the glamour and mystery of days gone by, has a lower house edge when you play the single 0 variations, French and European.

The maths behind this is very simple: payouts are 35:1 on straight wagers, but there are 37 numbered pockets on the wheel. You don’t need a calculator to tell you that the 00 pocket added to the American Roulette wheel raises this edge significantly, since there are then 38 numbers against the same 35:1 payout.

Baccarat, from 1.5%

If you don’t feel like playing slots, but want something as simple then Baccarat’s a great pick. You have 1 of the 3 options, betting on the banker hand to win, the player hand to win, or the 2 hands ending up in a tie.

Neither the house nor you have any say in what happens to the hands, despite their names, and rigid rules on how the cards are distributed are in place.

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