Fun Indoor Party Games For All Ages

Preschoolers’ attention spans are still quite short so it’s a good idea to stick with collaborative games that encourage teamwork rather than competition.

This classic game can be as simple or complicated as you like. Simply divide into teams and each person acts out a book, film or song while their teammates try to guess.


In the age of gaming consoles, iPads and a host of other electronic gadgets, it is still fun to play party games that are old-fashioned and require some physical effort. Clever indoor party games are not only a great way to keep the kids engaged, but they also help to burn off some excess energy!

A classic game, limbo involves players going under a pole, or limbo stick, without bending or crouching down. To play, you will need a limbo stick, which can be as simple as a piece of bamboo or a broomstick; just make sure it is a straight, lightweight stick that won’t hurt any players if it falls on them during the limbo competition! Blast some Mexican music and have guests take turns attempting to go under the stick. Lower it each round to see how low they can go!

This classic game is a great choice for an outdoor summer or holiday party. It is easy to set up, and you can customize the challenge by using puzzles that match your theme or holiday. Divide guests into teams and have them act out movies, TV shows, people, or concepts that are drawn from an assortment. The team that guesses correctly wins! This party game can be played with a wide variety of participants from toddlers to grandparents.

Water Balloon Fight

If you want an indoor party game that is sure to get messy, this one is for you. Fill some water balloons with small items like marbles, pennies and balls. Make two teams and let the fun begin. The team that collects the most items in a set time wins.

For a version that doesn’t involve throwing water balloons at each other, divide players into pairs and give them one water balloon between them (interlace their arms to stay together). They must race across a designated area and back without their balloon popping and dropping. The team that does this fastest and with the least number of runs wins.

Play this classic game with a twist by having kids use a tote bag or other type of shield to protect themselves from getting hit by water balloons. You can also add to the fun by giving them a limited amount of time to catch and hold their water balloons, and if they drop them, they’re out!

This is a fun variation of the classic musical chairs game that will get everyone soaked. Set up a circle of chairs with one less chair than the number of players and turn on some music. As the music plays, players must walk around the chairs and when it stops, they must sit on the chair. The last player sitting is out and the next person starts playing until there’s only one left – they’re the winner!

Forehead Cookie Race

The fastest player to get their cookie from their forehead to their mouth wins this hilarious race challenge. Players don’t need to use their hands, just move their heads from side to side, wiggle their eyebrows, or wrinkle their foreheads to keep the cookie in place. This is a great way to practice balance and facial muscles for kids of all ages.

This fun game can also be played with other flat-bottomed food items, such as crackers, bread, or slices of cheese. Then, when players reach the table, they have to dunk their cookie into the cup without touching it with their hands. For added fun, station the players a distance from the table, 10 or 15 feet if possible.

Another fun version of this classic game involves blindfolding the players and having them build a strand of cereal loops using only their hands. To play, divide the group into two-player teams and have one player blindfolded. The other player then holds a piece of dental floss or sewing thread in front of the blindfolded player. The player must guide the loops along the thread by moving their hands in a particular way — this is all about hand-eye coordination and dexterity!

You can make this tried-and-true game more exciting by adding time limits, scoring systems, silence rules, and other variations to the original rule set. It’s a great way to build teamwork and encourage creativity.

Freeze Dance

Dance, sing and freeze with fun-loving Chilly the Penguin in this engaging game.

The DJ/Music controller selects and plays music. Children move to the beat, and when the music stops they have to freeze in their current position (e.g., standing, kneeling, swaying, etc). If they move, they are out for that round. This is a great indoor party game for all ages and can include kids with limited mobility as they can simply stand or kneel in a safe location.

You can add to the fun by inviting guests to choose a prop that they will incorporate into their dancing moves (e.g., a hula skirt or a water bottle). Then add to the challenge by asking them to dance with their prop. When the music stops, the frozen dancers must hold their prop and remain still until the music starts again. Repeat until only one dancer remains to win. Adapt this game to fit your event by adding theme-based music and/or encouraging the use of dance moves that relate to the theme or occasion. Freeze Dance also promotes creativity and self-expression, social interaction and teamwork, and emotional regulation as children learn to remain calm under pressure if they are eliminated from the game. The dance movements also help to enhance balance, gross motor skills and body awareness.

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