Hilarious Outdoor Party Games For Adults

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, family beach or park outing, or looking to add some fun to your next camping trip, try these hilarious outdoor party games for adults.

Have everyone write down an outrageous statement on a piece of paper and collect them in a hat. The first person to read one out loud loses.

Ring Toss

A fun game for all ages, Ring Toss is an excellent choice for parties and backyard gatherings. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and set up. It’s also well-made and durable, so it can withstand regular use.

Another great summer outdoor game is a human ring toss game. This game is sure to keep your family laughing all summer long. It’s an easy-to-make game that requires a pair of flip flops, tape, and plastic rings. Simply race each other to see who can ring their teammate the most times in under a minute.

You can purchase a wooden ring hook tossing game or make your own stakes. To make the stakes, cut a piece of jute rope to about 15 inches long and then whittle one end to make it pointed. You can also attach ribbon to the ends of the ropes for added decoration and color.

Four Square

The outdoor game four square, also known as king’s corner, square ball or handball, can be played by any number of people on a court that is divided into four quadrants. This game is popular with teens and adults because it doesn’t require any special equipment or complicated rules. However, it can be difficult to play without being aggressively competitive, which may alienate the less athletic teenagers and young adults.

To play this outdoor party game, draw a six foot square on the ground with chalk and divide it into four equal-sized squares. Each player stands in one of the squares, which are ranked 1-4. The server, who must stand in the 4 square, hits the ball into another square’s numbered area to advance.

Catching, carrying or cupping the ball is illegal and results in being “out.” Hitting the ball into someone else’s square while it’s bouncing, or hitting the ball so high it goes flying off into the sky (also called a skyscraper), also results in being out.

Corn Hole

Corn hole is a good old-fashioned game that requires just the right amount of skill and luck. It involves throwing bean bags at a board shaped like a cross and featuring a 6″ hole in the center. Official “regulation” cornhole is played with two boards (24×48 inches) placed 27 feet apart. This is a more serious game than the kid-friendly versions you might find at your local park, so it’s best suited for adults and teens.

Players or teams take turns throwing their designated bags into the hole. A match is divided into innings, and whichever team scores more points in an inning wins the round. The first side to score 21 points wins the game. The American Cornhole Association governs the rules and regulations of competitive cornhole. This includes scoring and the use of cancellation scoring, which ensures that a tie is impossible.


Charades is a great game to play with family and friends, or work colleagues for team building. It increases your kids’ creativity and improves their communication skills as they act out clues for their teammates to guess.

To play, split into teams and write words or phrases on paper slips. Put the slips in a container like a bowl or hat. Each team chooses a player and they pick a word from the other team’s container. They have one minute to act out the prompt. If they get it right, the team gets a point.

We recommend running through the common charade gestures with your children beforehand. This will help them understand what to do and improve their chances of success. For example, for book titles they should open their hands to look as if they’re reading. For song titles, they should mime the action of singing into a microphone.

Kan Jame

This unique game involves throwing a Frisbee at what appear to be garbage cans (or Kans). The goal is to get your disc through the front slot and into the can. If your throw isn’t perfect, your teammate standing by the Kan can deflect it and help you score points. The first team to earn 21 points wins.

The rules suggest you set up the two opposing Kans 50 feet apart. However, you can easily modify that based on your available space. The teams can decide who plays first through quick traditional games like Thumb War or choose a number.

This is a more active game than corn hole or beer pong but it’s still laid-back enough to enjoy with a drink in hand. Plus, it’s light and easy to store so you can take it anywhere, like the beach or a tailgate. There are even tabletop versions of Kan Jam and splash versions that are designed to be played in water.

Drink Walk

Drinking games take fun activities and add alcohol, which of course makes them more fun. This game takes getting hammered to the next level. It requires a stump and each player tries to hammer their nail in it without hitting any of the sides. The person whose nail gets hit must drink whatever beverage the plink of fate bestows upon them.

Another fun outdoor drinking game is Stump, which involves a similar concept. Basically, players try to balance a tray full of drinks while walking from one end of the party area to the other. If they spill their cup, they have to down a beer.

For more outdoor drinking games, Bottle Bash is a fun challenge that can be played with teams of two. It’s like a slip-and-slide meets downing a beer. The first team to finish wins. Another fun and challenging drinking game is Flip Cup, which can be played with any number of players. Each player holds a red solo cup filled halfway with beer, and the first team to flip their cups over wins.


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