Jumah Is Back to Fighting after Scary Eye Surgery

Injuries are common in boxing but what happens when the doctors tell you to never return to boxing after the surgery? Deion Jumah had to go through a lot when he got his eye surgery.

An injury in his eye caused him to undergo a surgery that was considered risky. The operation was scary according to him since he could see everything happening to his eye since the eyes were kept open. His description of the operation is all over sports news.

An Opponent Jumah Had Never Fought

When he went for the surgery, he fought an opponent he had never fought before. Firstly, the doctors were not sure if the surgery was going to be successful.

However, once his surgery was completely successfully, he was told he could not fight again. The doctors told him he could not spar, let along box. He thought it was the end of his boxing career.

Jumah did not lose hope and instead turned the whole situation into a fight for his career, passion, and life. He started pursuing his career yet again, trying his best to get the boxing license back.

After going through several inquisitive thoughts as a result of the surgery, he was not fully ready when his fight against Richard Riakporhe took place.

Learning from the Losses

According to Jumah, he has gone through enough in life to not take his losses in boxing on his heart. He said he was not fully training when he had to fight Riakporhe.

He lost the fight against him but thought it was a great opportunity for him to step back into the ring. After his loss, he has been training day and night to be one of the top guns in the game.

Every new journey starts with a new aim. Jumah’s new aim is to fight Riakporhe again because he firmly believes that he could give him a defeat whenever he meets him again in the next match.

His journey has begun with his next fight taking place with another British fighter, namely Mikael Lawal. He is prepared to go against Lawal and then Chamberlain to get another shot at fighting against Riakporhe.

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