Manchester United is Still Determined to Keep Cristiano Ronaldo at the Club

For a while, reports surrounding the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United have been coming in. Whenever Manchester United loses a match, the claims catch even more fire.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Intentions

It has been claimed that the player’s connection and relation with Manchester United have been worsening after every defeat being added to the club’s losing streak.

The player has been quite vocal about his intentions and determination of winning titles for as long as he is part of professional football.

The player is unsure of the club’s future, which is why; he wants to leave the club. He wants to find a club that will have the potential of winning titles.

This means that the particular club would have the strength and the squad to play strong and aggressive games.

Manchester United Denies Allegations

Just recently, claims were made that Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior had become very rude at the club. Such rumors put a question mark on the player’s future at the club.

It was claimed that the 37-year-old player had changed his attitude at the club, which was not acceptable.

Therefore, a warning had been issued to the player in regards to bringing a change in his behavior. The player was warned that he needed to change his attitude otherwise; his contract would be terminated at the club.

However, Manchester United has gone on to deny these claims and made their own statement around the matter. The club has made it clear that the claims made by some sources are nothing but false.

No Termination Discussions

The club has denied such allegations stating that they have issued no such warnings to the forward. They have no concerns over the player’s attitude, as the player has shown no change in his attitude at all.

The club has denied making any decision regarding the player that they would terminate his contract and let him go. They have also confirmed that they do not intend to let the player leave the club.

Player’s Participation in Recent Matches

Although the club has been denying that they do not intend to let Ronaldo leave, the player, on the other hand, is adamant about leaving.

The player has been stating that he wants to leave the club and is ready to pay any price for that. The player has even missed the recent friendly matches such as the pre-season tours.

The club went for the Australian and Thai pre-season matches and Cristiano Ronaldo was not part of them. However, the player had claimed that he was not able to join the pre-season tours due to family reasons.

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