Michael Lamar of Camas Wants to Use $10,000 Won from Mega Millions to Buy Tesla

Today is the day when your excitement shoots to another level with a major announcement about one of the Mega Millions winners.

The officials at Mega Millions are here with a major news about one of the luckiest winners from the month of September.

Michael Lamar of Camas

Michael Lamar is among the players who are fond of playing Mega Millions. The player has continued playing the Mega Millions game for a long time and finally, his dedication has paid off.

The player participated in the September 2 draw for Mega Millions and had hoped to win the jackpot prize money.

However, the player only won $10,000 from the draw, which is still a great deal. The player only had to spend a few bucks to bring home a huge prize money, although it is not a jackpot prize.

Let us go through the draw details and see what the September 2 draw had to offer.

Draw Details

The winning numbers for the September 2 draw for the Mega Millions were 67-60-52-40-39 and the Megaballwas 20.

The jackpot prize money set by the Mega Millions officials for the September 2 draw was $169 million. Whereas, the cash jackpot prize for the draw was $95.4 million.

While no player won the jackpot prize money, there was only one player who won the second top prize money of $1,000,000 from New York state.

Michael Lamar’s Story

Michael Lamar told the officials that he had been saving up money to buy himself a new Tesla car. Still, he remained dedicated to the Mega Millions game and kept participating in almost every draw.

Finally, his prayers were answered and he has enough money to buy a Tesla car.

Michael told that he had purchased his ticket from 7-Eleven and the store is located at 155 Northeast, 193nd Avenue Site 113, Camas, Washington.

If you are living outside of the US and still want to play Mega Millions, you can do it through an online lottery platform. Through an online lottery platform you can participate in multiple lottery games offered in different parts of the world.

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