Playing Euromillions Lottery Online


EuroMillions is one of the most popular lottery games that is played by lottery players. Earlier the lottery game was limited only in Europe but because the lottery game was very hit after it was launched to the company decided to include more European countries who will be able to play the game.

Rules of the online lottery game

Given below are the rules if the lottery game which the player should follow:-

1)The player should choose from among the 5 main numbers from 1 to 50.

2)The player should also choose to Lucky turn numbers ranging from 1 to 12

3)The player has to get all the 7 numbers matched in order to win the big jackpot prize.

4)The player should be able to match other winning combinations to grab one of the 13 Euromillions prizes.

All about EuroMillions Super draw feature

Euromillions super draw is a sort of occasion draw which is facilitated by EuroMillions which offers the players the utilization of the measure of Jackpot of least hundred million. The date of the occasion is reported multi-week already which gives the player sufficient time for tickets of the game.

Buying Euromillions online ticket In India

One can play EuroMillions from India and to play the EuroMillions game one has to make a purchase of the tickets from the internet and the player needs to go through the Lottery Heroes website to get the tickets online.

Here are some things to take note of while playing the EuroMillions online lottery game.

  • The player should decide on which site they are willing to play the EuroMillions lottery game.
  • The player should decide from beforehand only on how much to play. The older can choose to play just one draw or several. It is recommended to first try once and then buy more tickets.
  • As soon as the player wins the jackpot or any other prize the money is credited to the account and it can be withdrawn immediately or it can be further used in the game.

Benefits of playing the EuroMillions lottery game.

1) Immediate transfer of money

As soon as the player wins a jackpot then only a system generated SMS and email is sent to the player and money is credited to the player’s account without any delay.

2)Safety and Security

Playing EuroMillions online is sheltered and the tickets bought can be effortlessly put away in an extremely protected way. In the event that the player wins the jackpot then the reward is guaranteed and it is credited to the player’s account.

3)Email and SMS notifications

There are numerous lottery companies where a large number of cash stay unclaimed on the grounds that players don’t get advised appropriately after they win however while playing Euromillions the player will be effectively guided through email or SMS ready systems.

4)Better Winning Chances

The chances of winning a higher measure of cash are a lot more noteworthy while playing Euromillions online lottery games due to the various highlights like orderly structures and packages.


This was everything about the most famous EuromillionsOnline lottery game. All the lottery fans out there must try their luck and take a chance of becoming a millionaire. For more info visit

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