Popular Lottery Strategies for Choosing your Numbers

Are you a regular lottery player? Most players tend to just pick the first numbers that come to their mind when they are buying their lottery ticket. These can be the numbers they are seeing at that time or could also have a significant meaning. As lottery draws are random, most people believe that it is not possible to predict the numbers. However, there have been winners who disclosed that they used specific lottery tips and strategies for choosing their numbers, which eventually won them huge jackpots. Therefore, there is absolutely no harm in trying out some of the popular lottery strategies when you have to select your numbers.

Some of these strategies are outlined below:

  • Tracking

This system of choosing lottery numbers if often referred to as frequency analysis. Simply put, it involves tracking the individual numbers that are drawn in the lottery over a period of time. Numbers that appear frequently in a game are defined as hot numbers and some players use them exclusively on the assumption that as they have appeared in the past, they are likely to appear in the future as well. There are also people who track cold numbers; these are the overdue numbers that haven’t hit yet. Some players prefer to use a combination of hot and cold numbers just to play it safe.

You can track the numbers by obtaining the winning numbers in past draws. These are easily available and you can make charts, bar graphs or any other form of representing data to make an analysis.

  • Wheeling

There is one thing that can be frustrating when you play the lottery; it turns out that you have all the winning numbers, just on different tickets. According to experts, wheeling can help you increase your odds of winning dramatically. It is not a system of choosing numbers, but is more like a system of using the numbers you have, regardless of how you obtained them. Then, you make a list of your best picks and play different combinations of these numbers. Even if you match some of the numbers, you still get to take home a prize, even if it is not the jackpot.

  • Pooling

As the name indicates, you pool in all your money together i.e. join a syndicate. A greater number of tickets can be bought when money is accumulated and this automatically increases your chances of winning. But, the prize will also have to be shared if a ticket wins. These days, there are only syndicates that can be joined easily and with very little hassle.

  • Random Choices

Last, but not the least, you can use a lottery software or lottery number generator for giving you random numbers that you can play. The logic behind this approach is that since the draws are random, the choice of numbers should also be random as this will improve your winning odds.

Use these lottery strategies and you just might be able to choose the winning numbers that allow you to get the jackpot.

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