Tips for Blackjack Success Everyone Should Know

Blackjack is a fantastic casino game which is full of thrills as you look to beat the dealer in the bid to get to as close to 21 without busting your score.  Although there is nothing you can do to influence what cards come out of the pack, there are some decisions which will improve your chances of winning. Here are our five best tips for the popular game.

1.Watch The Dealer’s upcard

The dealer’s upcard is the only clue you get when it comes to determining how strong their hand is in the game. It should always be considered before deciding which move to take next with your own hand. If the dealer has a seven or higher, they are just a 10 away from a strong hand.  On the flip side of this, if you see a six or lower, you should be pleased as they have a lot of work to do to develop it into a solid total. You should only look to take a risk if the dealer has one of the higher cards in the pack. If you are a beginner to the game and you want to practice using the dealer’s upcard before your play for real, use a casino with a free play mode like Betway have on their site. This will ensure you don’t make any make any mistakes when your own chips are down on the table.

2.Always Split A Pair Of  Eights

The great thing about being dealt a pair is you have an extra possible move to consider as you can split the pair to create two new hands. With a pairs of eights, you are left with a vulnerable total of 16. If you stand, the dealer only needs to hit 17 to beat you, while if you hit on 16, there is a strong chance you will bust. By splitting eights, you take away that dilemma. Hopefully, you’ll build at least one good new hand and your decision will then be justified.

3.Double Down On 11

Doubling down is a move you have to put a lot of thought into before deciding on it, otherwise, you can end up losing twice your initial stake. The best time to double down is when you are on 11. There are more cards in the pack that are to the value of 10 than any other. If you hit one of these 10s, you will be in a strong position to make your call pay. Unless the dealer hits blackjack, you cannot lose.

4.Use The Dual Value Of The Ace

The Ace is the only card in the pack which has a dual value. It can either be used as a 1 or 11. When building your hand, you will start by using the Ace as 11. If you bust your score though, you can then convert it into a 1. With this mind, you can take some extra risks with your hands, something you would not do with a hard total. Do be sensible though, if you reach 19, you are advised to stand rather than hope for a 2. Even though you have the dual value Ace, you may not get to 19 again with your second life.

5.Never Split 10s

Splitting pairs is a great chance to win big as if you are successful with both hands, you get paid out twice.  No matter the circumstances, you should never split a pair of 10s or face cards. Together they total 20 and this is enough to win most hands you play as the dealer has to stand on 17. If you split the 10s, you may hit a 5 or 6 with them and then you will be left with a big problem.

Good luck using these five tips in blackjack when you play the card game next. It is worth remembering that sometimes you can make the right decision and get a bad result. It is important to keep making the right calls though and in the long term, the results will certainly go your way.

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